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Author: Kyle & Carson

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My Marketing Experience:

My experience to learn Affiliate Marketing has come with the cost of blood sweat and tears, painful trial and error and ultimately finding my own way to understand the fundamentals to online success. I was skeptical that anyone would offer a product and service that would encapsulate my efforts to learn digital marketing and others in the field well enough to warrant it being worth the time and money. I decided that I would investigate whether these claims made within the industry were hype or whether Wealthy Affiliate University lived up to its name and promises and write a Wealthy Affiliate Review for my readers.


What's Inside Wealthy Affiliate Review

First word, WOW. Wealthy Affiliate has one of the best web sites I have ever come across period. My first impression was that the site has had an enormous level of development and detail put into every facet of the web site. It took me a few minutes to overcome the awe of it's design before realizing my membership did not come for free for this Wealthy Affiliate Review. When you first log into Wealthy Affiliate you might be overcome with sensory overload. I know I was, everything is broken down into appropriate catergories and encapsulated wonderfully. A great looking site is one thing but this is an Internet Marketing Course, let's review what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

Wealthy Affiliate Review Home Page

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Learning Center: Master Affiliate Marketing

The learning center is broken up into 3 sections: Junior, Intermediate and Senior. Being an experienced marketer I was keen to see how Kyle and Carson would go about getting people with no experience and knowledge of Internet Marketing off the ground. Five stars for their effort because the fundamentals hit you in the face with easily to follow explanations and tasks to get your started right away. If you have some experience with Internet Marketing the Intermediate and Senior sections will make your eyes light up with excitement as critical mistakes are revealed and concepts of advanced marketing are explored in unbelievable detail.

8 Week Action Plan - Step By Step Guide To Making Money Online

The 8 Week Action Plan is something I had heard Wealthy Affiliate members discuss and praise for a long time. As an experienced Marketer I know through my own tears of frustration that the most difficult aspect is to connect the dots, cross the t's and dot the i's. The 8 Week Action Plan is for all experience levels. Not only are you provided with the most complete and up-to-date resources you are provided with tutorials, videos, step by step guides covering every aspect of Internet Marketing. The tasks you are giving to complete after each week enforce the fact that you must take action for online success, but this isn't rocket science, these weekly tasks and tutorials will have you excited to get your home work done.

Wealthy Affiliate Action Plan

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Wealthy Affiliate Forum - Home Of Best Marketers In The World?

Through out the years I have heard people praising the Wealthy Affiliate forum as if it was the holy grail of Internet forums. . After logging into the forum I was shocked to see not only Kyle and Carson but some of the biggest Internet Marketers in the world posting replies and answering questions posted by members.

This is one unbelievable resource, picking the minds of some of the most successful marketers in the world will help fast track your learning and success. The forum is broken down into well organized sections but one to take note of is the General Success section where members post with their success stories. This section is littered with thousands of post of members expressing their joy making their first dollar online, it is wonderful thing to see so many people helping each other with both patience and respect for all members regardless of skill level and experience.

Travis Sago (Original Bum Marketer), Ryan Moran, and the famous PotPieGir (Jennifer Ledbetter) are regular posters on the forum, I won't disclose who else calls Wealthy Affiliate their home in the Wealthy Affiliate Review, I will leave that as a surprise, but they are some of the worlds A-List Marketers. Not only will you learn Affiliate Marketing from Kyle and Carson but the Wealthy Affiliate family too!

Wealthy Affiliate Forum

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Research Center - Beating The Competition

Wowzer, I was not expecting this at all. The research center features tools that cost more than monthly subscription alone! I know I have spent more than I care to mention on equivalent tools and software! The research tools are amazing, they include those that cover Google and Clickbank which is one of the worlds largest Affiliate programs as well a Competition Spy Tool. One stand out feature is the Google Keyword research tool, keyword generator and keyword phrase builder, that will save not only your time but ultimately money as you begin your marketing by creating highly profitable campaigns.The Wealthy Affiliate Review is shaping into something we don't see often, a high 90's score!

Wealthy Affiliate Clickbank Research Tool

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Web Site Center

wealthy affiliate reviewNow this is taking things into another level and beyond the call of duty. The Web Site Center on Wealthy Affiliate provides you with priceless tools that you will be using to create professional looking web sites of your own in minutes. If you do not have experience creating web sites from scratch do not fear, Site Rubix, created by Kyle and Carson will make great looking web site seem effortless. A really cool and neat feature that Wealthy Affiliate member use daily, I can see why.

If you are looking at getting your feet wet and grabbing the bull by the horns, Wealthy Affiliate features Feeder Sites, these sites are professional pages that are ready to use with only a few clicks. By simply entering your affiliate details you can have a web site online in seconds by using the free hosting provided by Wealthy Affiliate. I will get into the free hosting and domain coverage shortly.

Web site templates are also included that you can edit and tweak for your liking, at first glance I was surprised the effort put into these templates as they are not your standard bland templates and really offer some terrific design and layout value to your site.

wealthy affiliate templates

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NicheQ - Niche Research System

nicheqKyle and Carson Call this the most elaborate Niche research system available, and frankly I agree. I have seen these type of systems for $1000's online. NicheQ provides a report on various markets, the level of details and market analysis is exceptional. These reports will help you get right into the mind set of your target market and produce campaigns that speak directly to your audience, all the guess work is taken out and you are provided with hottest Niche's on the planet to market to. NicheQ is the latest featured added to Wealthy Affiliate, I am still scratching my head why Kyle and Carson did not sell NicheQ separately, the system is worth its weight in gold many times over. Instead, Kyle and Carson are providing it to Wealthy Affiliate members only. I'm starting to realize why Wealthy Affiliate members stand by Kyle and Carson as the two most stand up marketers in the industry. NicheQ provides outstanding value for ALL marketers to learn Affiliate Marketing biggest secret, research!

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Accreditation Courses - Article Marketing & Pay Per Click Course

wealthy affiliate courseThese are two courses that I have seen people world wide begging to find online. Well, I am beyond the point of being shocked, instead I am dazzled as these two courses are provided to Wealthy Affiliate members. The first course covers Article Marketing, this is a fantastic course that gives people with a zero or small budget the ability to start making money online by writing articles and receiving commissions from dozens of Affiliate programs. Spread over 11 lessons and 30 hours of instructions you will have full blown article marketing campaigns ready by the end of this course with Kyle and Carson walking you through each step of the process.

The second course covers Pay Per Click Marketing, time and time again I have seen newcomers and even experienced marketers throw money down the toilet and into the hands of Google and Yahoo without understanding the fundamentals of paid advertising. Spread over 12 lessons, this 50 hour course is worth $1000's as you can eliminate the risk that countless Marketers take in vein losing money to advertising companies instead of creating highly profitable thriving campaigns.

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Wealth Affiliate Free Hosting & Spaces

wealthy affiliate hostingNow this features almost covers membership costs alone! You are provided with FREE hosting that will help you get started right away. If you are not experienced with hosting, domains, setting up email addresses, stress less, Wealthy Affiliate make use of the Award Winning Plesk Interface that will make setting up web sites and emails a breeze, a nice welcomed feature for ALL members. Wealthy Affiliate members also have their own Space & Blog where you can share stories, pictures, make friends and promote your own web sites, this where you can create a platform and build name for yourself at Wealthy Affiliate.

Why Would Two Successful Marketers Help Their Competition?

wealthy affiliate blogThose skeptical about Wealthy Affiliate ask why would Kyle and Carson help start the marketing careers of those that would one day become their competition. As an experienced marketer, that question is very easy to answer. The market place is so large that there is more than enough pie to go around for everyone many times over. Their is a huge void in the industry created by some of the largest brands and companies taking their products and services online. The demand for Internet Marketers has never been higher and will continue to grow exponentially as more and more products enter the virtual world.

There has never been a greater time to start your online business, work from home, becoming your own boss, striving for financial freedom and learning Affiliate Marketing.

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Wealthy Affiliate Review Summary - Worth The Money?

In all honesty I am still scratching my head as to why Kyle and Carson are short changing themselves. . Wealthy Affiliate is your one stop resource center with everything you need to get started today. Not only is it the Best Internet Marketing community in the world but one of the most high energy, motivational web sites I have come across. Not only will you learn Affiliate Marketing but you will be charged up to make your first dollar online!

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