Improve Adwords Quality Score

Here are some essential tips to improve Google Adwords
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How To Improve Google Adwords Quality Score Fast


If you are having a difficult time getting cheap and affordable keywords for your Adwords improve adwords quality scorecampaigns you are not alone. Unfortunately most will jump into Adwords campaign without fully grasping the mind set of Google. Let's examine why and how Google judges our landing pages and provides us with quality score as a feedback mechanism and how we can improve Adwords Quality Score.

Google bases its reputation on providing users with exactly what they are after, in other words, it prides itself with aligning users with what they are seeking. Many of us have been slapped by Google with expensive clicks and in some cases accounts being suspended. Do not make the mistake thinking you can take on Google and win, playing by the rules can lead to as many fortunate than cutting corners and bring the wrath of Google with it.

What you can do to turn things around?

1. Make sure your keywords are included in the title of your Adcopy

2. Include your keywords in the text of your adcopy

3. Include your keywords in the Displayed URL of your Ad, for example. Notice how the keywords are listed as part of the URL, you do not need to create this folder, Google allow you to include it in the ad, even if it does not exist.

4. Keyword density of 2-5%, make sure you are not spamming your landing page with your keywords, include the keywords in your page title and first sentence preferably.

5. Use Google own tools against them, in the Keyword Tool, select the get keyword idea option and enter your own web site. This will tell you exactly what Google thinks of your site and its theme. This will allow you to make sure that Google has themed your page correctly.

6. Improve Click Through Rate - Great Adcopy, and I mean great, entice the user the click because of what you are providing on your website. DO NOT dupe people to click on your ad, not only will it will cost you as clicks will be wasted but Google with punish you for an irrelevant and misleading Adcopy.

7. Use long tail keywords - Do not use really broad keywords, use keywords with 3+ words that really make it clear what content you are providing on your site. You will notice cheaper clicks, improved clicked through rate

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